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RETHINKWRAP® -∞- smart eco-friendly reusable gift wrapping paper

Tips, tricks and hacks

Rethinkwrap (fka Regiftwrap) is super easy to use. We've designed it to be as close to the look and feel of traditional paper with added reusability.

ONE PRIMARY difference: 

Please don't use scissors!

Rethinkwrap works best and longest when kept at original size - so, please don't cut it. Simply fold the sheet into desired size and wrap as you would normally. It's that simple.

Basic Tips:

  • Give it good crumple or two before wrapping to get rid of any hard fold lines. 

  • Don’t use scissors or cut - simply fold down to size!

  • Don’t iron - embrace the wrinkles and relax - it’s a gift!

  • TAPE as you wish:

    • Regular Scotch gift wrap tape / Sellotape works great.

    • We prefer PAPER WASHI TAPE - it's more eco-friendly. We recommend the thicker width (1/2” - 10mm) Washi works best. 

    • Double-stick tape also works. But, depending on brand and strength you might need a bit of time and a lot of patience to remove it!

    • Alway take care when removing any tape from edges.

    • Try to avoid taping to inside/white side

    • Also the Rose Gold (second) is slightly different material and delicate - so do take extra care removing stickers and tape especially from edges and coloured side.

  • Spot clean with a damp cloth - hang to dry. We have tried hand washing it and sticking it in the washing machine on hand wash cold/delicate cycle - it survived ok - but, we don’t recommend (the directions on inside didn’t fare as well).

  • After each use - carefully remove any/all tape and return to storage tin for safe keeping.

Also check out our Pinterest Boards for ideas and inspiration, how to videos, links to printables, etc etc ! 


Prefer to DIY? Fab.

Let's stop giving garbage and also put an END to embarrassing social faux pas!

You may have experienced that awkward moment - after you’ve resurrected and de-tagged an old gift bag or box only to accidentally give it back to the person who originally gave it to you 🤦‍♀️. 

We can fix that! We’d love everyone to buy our original RethinkWrap™ - but, in the meantime, let's just start a reusable movement. 

So, are you crafty and conscientious?
why not make it official and join the reusable movement

It's easy with our RETHINKWRAP -∞- DIY stickers (coming soon)* Our zero waste preprinted DIY STICKERS each have a unique ID tracking number and attach it to the inside of your own fabulous up-cycled or reusable gift wrap, bag or box 🎁👍🏻😄 win-win for 🌎!

Voila! Now armed with the official sticker, you become a proactive, socially conscious and eco-chic and avoid (those) awkward moments!